Start the Revolution

Create your Financial Entity in a minute with full digital template scenario

  • Break legacy constraints
  • Enable your digital pipelines
  • Shortcut your time to market
  • slash you cost of operation
  • Continuously improve
  • Never stop to innovate

1st End-to-end full digital lending solution to manage Loans, Leasing, Rentals, Accounts, Credit Lines, Cards or Real Estate.

Customizable Workflows to manage Origination, Decision, Signing, Contract life cycle, Asset management, Billing, Payments, Reporting, Accounting, Collection, Analytics and Communications.

start innovate
Basikon interfaces
Go Digital First

Choose your digital components off the shelf

  • Open Banking
  • Scan ID
  • QR Code
  • eSignature
  • PSD2…

Script your workflows

  • Product and conditions
  • Risk Policy
  • Process
  • User management
  • Interfaces
  • Controls …

Start your operation

  • Load portfolio
  • Import your partners / brokers
Empower your Data

Data are natively at the heart of our solution

Gather    |       Transform    |       Enrich    |       Render

Turn document in data

Get real time Analytics

Turn data into added value

Switch on


Customizable views and workflows per user and profiles

  • Customer / Partner
  • Salesman / Credit analyst /Operation agent / Collection agent
  • Manager / Finance Manager /Sales manager


Get real time communication, enhancements and analytics

  • Mail, SMS, Push notification
  • Dashboard analytics
  • PDF Generation on word template
  • New functionalities deliveries
  • Offline Simulation


By design compatible and adaptative to

  • Any Browser
  • Any Device
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • PC/Mac/Linux
build your own

You guy’s will love integrate our individual business accelerators

  • Financial Engine
  • Scoring Engine
  • Rule engine
  • Product workshop
  • Partner onboarding
  • Partner management
  • 3rd parties
  • Self care process
  • Printing solution
  • Workflow
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • Documents to Data AI
  • Contract Management
  • Asset Management
  • Collections
  • PSD2
  • SEPA

Financial engine

Credit scoring engine

Financial Product and services repository

Asset management


Graphical workflow

PDF printing solution

Dashboard and analytics

Each accelerator is a micro-service